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Secure Accounts

Secure accounts is a set of resources to help communicate why securing your digital accounts is important, and easy tips for keeping your accounts safe.

Secure Your Accounts

Learn why you should keep your accounts safe.

Phishing and Civil Society

An introduction to account phishing, with examples from research into phishing attacks against civil society organizations.

2-Step Verification in 2 Minutes

A comic that explains what 2-step verification is, and why it's important.

Set up 2-step verification now

A collection of links to instructions on how to set up 2-step verification on popular online platforms.

Who could get access?

A simple interactive app that humorously highlights how better security habits can help keep your account safe

Secure Accounts Customization Guide

These resources are designed to be customized. Copy them and remix them to better suit your needs, or translate them and submit to us for inclusion on this site.

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